Loft Boarding a New Build Important Things To Consider

Before Installing Loft Boarding into a New Build Property There are a Few

Very Important’ Things for You to Consider!!

The UK’s Leading New Build Loft Boarding Specialist:

Loft Boarding Midlands are UK’s Leading New Build Loft Boarding Specialists, Transforming 100’s of Insulated Lofts in New Builds Nationwide by Installing the Award Winning LoftZone StoreFloor Raised Loft Boarding System.

Unlike other Loft Boarding Companies We do not Need to Remove or Compress Your Existing Loft Insulation Because of the Unique Design Of Our Raised Loft Boarding System Which Means that New Build Home Owners do not lose the benefits of having a thermally efficient New Home, or run the risk of Invalidating Their NHBC Warranty.

LoftZone StoreFloor is a Raised Loft Boarding  System that has been designed to work effectively where insulation levels are in excess of 300mm and is the Only NHBC Approved  Loft Boarding Solution on the Market that is Suitable for Installing into New Build Properties. 

The Importance of Maintaining an Air-Flow in Your Loft:

An important consideration when Loft Boarding a New Build is to ensure that the loft space and loft insulation combined can “breathe”, interstitial condensation will very quickly manifest itself if the air-flow is restricted causing damp issues and further ongoing problems, this is particularly the case in New Builds that are under two years old as they will contain considerably more moisture than that of a New Build that has been through the drying out period. This consideration has been very well thought out when designing the LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System, as its elevated position coupled with a fully vented framework will allow the required cross ventilation to be maintained at the lowest point in the loft, and  the air-flow within your loft space will not be restricted even when Insulation Levels are up to 300mm in-depth.

NHBC Warranty on New Builds:

All New Build properties are issued with 10 year NHBC guarantee, the Majority of House Builders and Developers Will advise against New Homeowners Loft Boarding a New Build, the reasoning behind this, is that historic methods of Loft Boarding a New Build, prior to the introduction of the Construction Certified LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System would require Loft Insulation to be either removed or excessively compressed. If Loft Insulation is removed or excessively compressed then the NHBC guarantee Will be Invalidated as the Energy Rating on the property has been reduced and it no longer meets the Sustainable Homes Standard or the Current Building Regulations under which the guarantee was issued.

Loft Insulation versus Loft Storage in Your New Build:

It is vital that your loft insulation is not squashed or compressed when Loft Boarding is installed as this will reduce the effectiveness of the loft insulation by as much as 75%, additionally ceiling boards will be put under stress if loft boarding is installed directly onto the joists as squeezing large amounts of loft insulation between the joists directly onto the ceiling below will result in ceiling boards bowing, cracking or worst still becoming detached. In the majority of cases where Loft Boarding has been installed into a Fully Insulated Loft in a New Build, the application of additional timbers to “raise the floor above the insulation” is quite commonplace, however raising the floor by 100mm above the joists is no were near adequate as the minimum requirement for loft insulation in a New Build is 270mm, meaning that undoubtably the Insulation would be compromised in some way.


Loft Boarding Midlands are a National Loft Boarding Specialist, and are the UK’s Leading New Build Loft Boarding Installer of the Unique Award Winning LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System, that Has Been Designed to Create Valuable Additional Loft Storage Space in New Build Homes.