Loft Hatches

Need to Replace Your Old Loft Hatch?

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Do you want to prevent warm air entering into the loft space, to Stop Condensation Occurring within your loft?  Loft Boarding Midlands will install a range of air tight uPVC loft hatches that will conform with all the current building regulations, and codes for sustainable homes (CSH). Our Drop Down Loft Hatches are an innovative solution to the need for energy-efficient loft space access, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof space access.

Is Your Loft Hatch to Small for Easy Access into Your Loft?

 Loft Hatches and Loft Hatch Widening: Many Older properties in particular have exceptionally small loft access hatches; if this is the case then the Loft opening will require widening, in order to Install a pre-formed loft hatch, or Install wooden loft ladders.

In certain instances a homeowner may request a non-standard bespoke loft hatch to be installed. When it comes to Installing a new loft hatch, whether it is a direct replacement Loft Hatch or an entire new Loft Hatch you have two choices. You can either build your own bespoke Loft Hatch or you can buy ready made loft hatches that are simply Installed into your new Loft Hatch Opening.

Depending on the size of the Loft opening into your loft that the Loft Hatch will fit into will really dictate this, as most ready made Loft Hatches are made to set sizes. If you’re new Loft Opening is going to be a slightly odd size then a bespoke Loft Hatch solution may be the only route you can take.

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