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LoftZone Loft Boarding Birmingham and Surrounding Areas, Construction Certified Loft Boarding Solutions For Both Older Properties and New Builds in Birmingham with Insulated Lofts.

Loft Boarding Midlands are the Only Midlands Based Approved Installers of the Award Winning LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding System for Birmingham and the West Midlands

BBA Construction Certified LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding, A System Designed for New Build HomesLoftZone Loft Boarding BirminghamLoftZone Loft Boarding BirminghamLoftZone Loft Boarding Birmingham

LoftZone Loft Boarding Birmingham and the West Midlands – LoftZone Loft Boarding is a Unique Energy Saving Loft Boarding System That is Designed to Create Valuable Additional Storage Space in Homes with Fully Insulated Lofts.

Award Winning LoftZone StoreFloor is the Most Practical, Cost Effective, Loft Boarding System Currently on the Market Today, and the Only Raised Loft Boarding System that Has Acheived Construction Certification and NHBC Approval for Installation into New Build Homes

LoftZone Loft Boarding Birmingham, a Unique Loft Boarding System designed to create valuable additional Loft Storage Space in homes with fully Insulated Lofts. Loft Boarding  Midlands are the LoftZone Loft Boarding Approved Installer Operating Throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Based in the West Midlands We have transformed 100’s of unusable Insulated Lofts Into a Clean, Versatile Storage Spaces by installing the LoftZone Raised Loft Floor Boarding System. LoftZone StoreFloor Has been designed to work effectively where insulation levels are in excess of 300mm which means Unlike Most Loft Boarding Companies in Birmingham we do not need to remove or compress your existing Loft Insulation so you do not lose the benefits of having a thermally efficient home, making it the only Loft Boarding Solution Currently on the market that is Suitable for New Build Homes.

The Importance of Maintaining an Air-Flow in Your Loft Space:

An important consideration when installing Loft Boarding into an insulated loft is to ensure that the loft space and loft insulation combined can “breathe”, interstitial condensation will very quickly manifest itself if the air-flow is restricted causing damp issues and further ongoing problems, this consideration has been very well thought out when designing the LoftZone system, as its elevated position coupled with a fully vented framework will not compromised the air-flow within your loft space.

Loft Boarding over Loft Insulation:

It is vital that the Loft Insulation is not squashed or compressed when Loft Boarding is installed as this can reduce the effectiveness of the Loft Insulation by as much as 75%, Additionally ceiling boards can be put under stress if loft boarding is installed directly onto the joists, squeezing large amounts of loft insulation in between the joists that may only be 75mm in-depth.

LoftZone Raised Loft Boardings Unique design means that down lights and other common obstacles that are found in lofts can be easily overcome, bridging over cabling, pipe work and uneven joist is not a problem. Alternative loft boarding options may mean sinking wires into the joist affecting their structural integrity. LoftZone raised Loft Boarding is modular and very light in weight, it is very important to take into account the additional weight imposed on the ceiling joists specifically in older properties.

Loft Boarding Midlands are the Certified Installers of LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding for Birmingham, West Midlands and Solihull. If you are Looking to Create Valuable Extra Loft Storage Space Your Insulated Loft, Why not Contact Us Today for a FREE no Obligation Quotation

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