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We Offer Our Customers a Cost Effective Loft Boarding, Loft Ladder, and Loft Hatch Fitting Service to Create Valuable Additional Storage Space, Reduce Energy Bills, and Gain Safe Acces into Their Lofts Across the Entire Midlands and Beyond!!

Approved Loft Boarding Installers Loft Boarding Midlands is your One-Stop Provider in the Midlands for Same Day Professionally Fitted Loft Insulation, Loft Boarding, Loft Flooring, Loft Ladders, Loft Hatches, Loft Hatch enlargement, Loft Lighting, and Loft Storage Removal. Please browse our site and discover our Package Deals, Specialist New Build Options, and more!!.

LoftZone Raised Loft Boarding, Loft Boarding Designed for Extra Storage in Fully Insulated Lofts

LoftZone Loft Boading from Loft Boarding MidlandsTransform your unusable Insulated Loft Space Into a Clean, Versatile Storage Space with our Award Winning Patented LoftZone Raised Loft Flooring System, which has been designed to create extra storage space over thick insulation without compromising on Energy Efficiency. Unlike most Loft Boarding Companies we do not remove or compress your existing Loft Insulation, so you do not lose the benefits of having a thermally efficient home, and because of its unique design, our Raised Loft Boarding system will work efficiently where insulation levels are in excess of 300mm, which makes it the Perfect Loft Boarding solution for New Build Properties.

Loft Ladders Professionally Installed From Our Range of Top Brands.

Loft Boarding Midlands is a Professional Loft Ladder Installation Company that Offers our customers a Same Day Loft Ladder Installation Service. Loft Boarding Midlands has a full range of Branded loft ladders to enable our customer’s safe Easy Access into their lofts which can be installed in just one day. Loft Boarding Midlands Install a full range of Branded loft ladders that are designed to be both practical and safe. During our survey, we will determine that we get the right type and size of loft ladder to install that is best suited for our customers to have both safe and easy access into their Lofts.

Replace Your Old Loft Hatch With a Slimline Air Tight uPVC Loft Hatch Installed By a Professional Installer

  • Gain Safe Easy Access into your Loft By Installing an air-tight uPVC Loft Hatch it Air Tight uPVC Loft Hatches Installed by Loft Boarding Midlandswill prevent warm air from entering into the loft space, and help to Stop Condensation from Occurring within your loft. Loft Boarding Midlands will install a range of air-tight uPVC loft hatches that will conform with all the current building regulations, and codes for sustainable homes (CSH). Our Drop Down Loft Hatches are an innovative solution to the need for energy-efficient loft space access, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional roof space access, however, please note that many older properties have particularly small loft access hatches; if this is the case then the loft opening will require widening, in order to install a pre-formed hatch.

Install Loft Insulation and Reduce Your Fuel Bills by as Much as 25%

Heat rises, and in an un-insulated home that means a quarter of the warmth is lost straight away, through the roof. Laying a blanket of insulating fiberglass material in the loft or attic creates a barrier that reduces this heat loss. It’s a simple and effective way to feel warmer at home and save on your heating bills and this can save you around £180 a year on heating costs. However, if you squash or flatten your loft insulation it will reduce its efficiency by up to 75%
Loft Insulation Fitted by Loft Boarding Midlands

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